Monday, October 1, 2007

1 down, 99 to go

Woo hoo! Doug got started on the medals we are donating to this year's Down Syndrome Society of Wichita Buddy Walk this weekend. He spent Sunday afternoon making 100 insert plates with the 07 Buddy Walk logo. Now we get to assemble them. I am so pleased with how they look, I can't wait to give them to each walker with Down syndrome as they cross the finish line this Saturday!

If you haven't signed up to join us, or would like to send a donation in honor of Sean, there is still time! Click on the group's website: to join Team Strolling for Sean.

I have also been selling super yummy bags of Sean's Sweet-n-Salty Strolling Snacks to fund raise for the event. I hope to get another batch done to bring to the walk as well.

Hope you are all having a good Monday!


Sarah said...

Hi Deborah. The medals look great. I'm sure they will be worn with pride. How awesome of you and Doug to do that for all the kids.

The blog idea is great too...This is such a nice way to connect with people, and to stay in touch!!

Tricia said...

Good luck with the medals. THey look great!

SunMomFIL said...

Nice medals. Great writing Deborah. I will read it every day. Sean called me last night--it was the highlight of my week.