Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oops, one more today!

Just saw this awesome clip over at Narrow Ridge that I want you to check out! On Being


*On a sidenote, as I mentioned before, Blogger refuses to remember my password so I have to reset it every time I want to log in to post or edit. I got tired of making up "real" passwords, so I tend to use it as an outlet for frustration about the glitch. Just now I set it again to add this link & it always tells you how weak your password is to make sure you don't do something dumb like set it to the same name as your blog. Well, I was just told that eatmybutt is a really strong password. :) Oh that makes me smile! *


RK said...

I can't watch that clip enough..

And that has got to be one of the greatest passwords ever...I may have to borrow it one day!

Tom said...

That is really weird about the password.. I hope a techie at Google reads your password. :) Thanks for the link...

Jenn said...

AWESOME video. :)

(ok, comment overload. I know. I'll stop.)