Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

The boys had a fabulous time at the school Trunk-or-Treat and are gearing up for round two tonight. I did end up putting together a SuperMom costume, only to arrive and see that the other moms were "dressed up" by wearing Halloween shirts or just orange and black clothes. Harumph!

Happy Haunting everyone!


RK said...

Great costumes! Way to be the mom to dress up! You go, SuperMom !

Miriam lives in a said...

Look at those two cuties! So sweet. I have a blog too, Deborah... :) I have been meaning to comment and let you know and then it always seems like time gets in the way and Harrison is calling! I also wrestle with my blogger blog because I started it mainly to post art, and I'm not sure why I didn't think my first blog was okay for that. So now I seem to be "stuck" with two blogs. But I've enjoyed the people I've met so much on both that I don't want to let one or the other go. I've met mostly moms and a few artist's along the way and I learn so much from all these new people, too. I like what you wrote in your profile. We live in an ancient old house too, now. Best to you and I'll look forward to commenting more, etc.! ~Miriam

Laura said...

Hi! I wandered in from a thread at and I just wanted to say how adorable your 3 year old is. I have an almost 3.5 year old girl with ds and I'm sitting here wondering if we saw you at the convention in KC. Anyway, I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your posts during ds awareness month.

Laura Iveson (aka Peaches at Mothering and Leylah at LiveJournal)

Deborah SunflowerMom said...

Hi Miriam! Thanks for popping in! I had a peek at your blogs, good for you for keeping at the art. I haven't made the time for it in years and miss it.

Laura, thanks for the compliments! The KC conference was amazing, wasn't it? I am one of the Gifts books writters, so you might of seen me at the book signing Friday night. Otherwise, we tending to sit in the back so the little man could wander around.

Deirdre said...

A friend told me of your site---she was googling my sons's names trying to find my blog and discovered yours.

Our boys are almost the same ages--my Aidan is 5 1/2, and Sean is 2 1/2. And we recently discovered we are expecting boy #3. Since you have GREAT taste in names, what would you name a third boy?

Really enjoyed reading your blog. Very inspirational, and I'm off to learn more about bumgenius diapers. Thanks!

Vish said...
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