Saturday, October 20, 2007

Get Caught Reading

Kelly at Where There's a Will is having a great contest involving books. Doug and I grew up with a great love of books and have a nice collection of children's books to share with our boys. Within the last six months or so, Sean has finally gotten to the age where he will sit and listen to almost all of a book. He hardly even eats them anymore. ha ha ha

Kelly is asking for readers to send her photos of their child with T21 reading a book, or being read to. At the end of the contest she is giving a selected winner a gift certificate to their local independent bookstore. I don't think there is one in our town, so I will just share a couple book pics here.

I also got tagged by Melissa at Banana Migraine to post a list of Sean's seven favorite books. He gave me a book report of the following nonfiction novels and said they were best sellers. :)

1. Hand Hand Fingers Thumb by Al Perkins
2. Baby Einstein See and Spy Counting by Julie Aigner-Clark
3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
4. The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
5. Thomas & Friends: Good Morning, Engines by Rev W Awdry
6. Tails by Matthew Van Fleet
7. Little Cricket's Song by Joanne Barkan

I'm suppose to tag seven others to make a reading list, but I am not sure if I know seven others that haven't done this already. So if you haven't played yet, feel free to do it now!


SunMomFIL said...

I really appreciate this blog. It has kept me attached to my family while I work in FL. Especially the photos warm my heart. Thank you for all your work.

~Melissa~ said...

Cute picture!!

We like Hand Hand Fingers Thumb a lot too!