Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Guess I Forgot to Mention This

Just a short blog today, I have a little man on the loose in the living room.

1. When Sean went to the Pediatrician this week, she mentioned that one of Sean's ear tubes fell out & is laying in the ear canal. She couldn't see the other tube because his ear had too much wax in it. I totally spaced this off and forgot to ask what we do now, so I stopped in the next day and spoke to her nurse. Her nurse said that usually they don't get them done again until a hearing problem occurs again.

This does not sit well with me, since the reason Sean has tubes is because he gets build up and then hearing loss. He doesn't get infections that much, just too much fluid. With cold season approaching, I want to keep his ears healthy. He has already been sick twice since he started school. So I am calling the ENT myself to hear what he has to say about this. Sean has had a great sign and verbal language burst this summer and I want to keep the progress coming!

2. I also got the test results from his blood work. All is normal! yay!

3. The eye doctor said that Sean is now showing signs of minor far sightedness. This is probably why he is squinting. He suggested we wait and see if there is improvement. We go back in three months to see if there is change. If it isn't better, we will give glasses a try.

4. Doug discovered today that Sean knows how to unlatch the backyard gate by himself! Apparently Sean let himself out, with his push mower toy, and headed down the sidewalk to go for a little stroll. The neighbor two houses down brought him home. Doug said, "I don't know how he got out, I latched the gate and made sure the yard was secure!" He took Sean out back and said, "Did you open this?" Sean said yes, then showed Doug that he can do it himself now. Or lord... this little man is just too smart for his britches! I guess we need to put a better lock on it tomorrow. Thank you God for watching over him on his adventure!

5. There's a great book of photos of children with Down syndrome that I'd love to own. Since my German is extremely rusty, I will just have to enjoy the photos! YOu can check the book out here Prince Vince Contest

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