Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pretend Play

Did you know that a child's ability to pretend play is considered a developmental milestone? Sounds like something that would just come naturally to all kids, doesn't it. Well, apparently it doesn't always happen so the experts decided it should be a milestone.

Yesterday, several moms on DownSyn discussed pretend play and said that they had been told when their child was an infant that "this child will never have the comprehension ability to pretend." I strongly disagree with this statement! Children with Down syndrome are quite able to pretend! Whether it is feigning sleep, fake coughing or burping, being a superhero, cooking in a play kitchen, driving Matchbox cars, or loving on baby dolls- I have seen our kids do all these things and more.

One of Sean's favorite things to do is chat on the phone. Sometimes the little bugger even calls people on the cell phone that he has smuggled from my bag! A few days ago, he (with the great egging on of his big brother) decided he'd like to have a chat. Here's how we will be answering all telemarketer calls from now on:

I say phoey to those that say kids with Down syndrome do not have imaginations!


jennifergg said...

Wow. I hadn't heard that "professionals" doubt our children have the ability to pretend play, but it doesn't surprize me...our Avery loves to talk on the phone, too (and dress up as a lion or a skeleton, and right now is flying a tiny Buzz Lightyear around the room, clearly pretending...) so PHOOEY!

I'll have Avery give Sean a "call" and they can discuss it...

Megan's got 47 said...

Oh goodness, that was so cute.
I agree, our kids are quite good at pretend play.

SunMomFIL said...

He can call Grrrandpa anytime!!