Sunday, October 28, 2007

Flog Me with a Wet Noodle

I missed a day. 26 days of posting and I flaked out yesterday. I am so disappointed in myself. I know it isn't a contest or anything, but I hate to accept a challenge and fail. Well, unless of course it's a weight loss challenge... I fail those with no guilt!

So here's what we did yesterday instead of blogging.

First, the Break It Fairy has completed her Break Three Things Then Move On Challenge at our house. First, the Break It Fairy broke our sliding glass door to the backyard. I was coming in the house, carrying Sean. When I pulled the door open, Aidan thought is would be clever to try to lock me out. Somehow the door managed to get jammed up off the track. Doug attempted to fix it with brute force (ala Minner Repair Style, lots of "Scum Sucking Son of a ....") and split the wood frame around the door. It's toast.

Second, the dishwasher from hell was running the dry cycle and started emitting hideous fumes, definitely killing brain cells. The motor is burned up, the dishes reeked so I had to re-wash them by hand and now Doug is the official dishwasher in the house. He does not want to replace it until the Hutchinson Reverse Osmosis Water Plant is completed in 2009. I have a hard time seeing him keeping up with dishes for the next year when he can't even keep up with the lawn mowing and that is only needed once a week.

Third, the boys ran downstairs to snuggle by the Heater Box yesterday and after 10 years of loyal lovin' the Heater Box has died! Seriously, a cause for drama and mourning in our house.

To top all this off, I was in a headlock from Aidan the Amazing and somehow lost the temple screw on my glasses. Doug taped that puppy back together (no, not with duct tape, Dad) and we decided a trip to Sears was in order.

Sears optical fixed my glasses, we were overwhelmed by the dishwasher choices in the appliance dept and underwhelmed by the Heater Love for sale. I popped into Hobby Lobby to get leather cord to repair Woody's hat for Sean's costume, then we went home. Sean and I had a lovely nap together, while Doug and Aidan amassed a fortune on Webkinz.

Around 6 we decided that it would be fun to load up in the car and drive an hour to eat at Chipotle. Nothing like a dinner date on the road with preschoolers! At least we finally got to watch all of The Reef (aka Shark Bait.)

Well, I hope to not miss any more days, only three left. Yep, I can do that.


SunMomFIL said...

Please comfort yourself that you did 2 in one day in the early days of this month.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. You are so funny and I am getting such a kick out of it. Keep it up.

Sara Rice

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