Friday, October 26, 2007

What do you mean by Stay At Home Mom?

I'm feeling ubber lazy today after a busy morning. Sean had an appointment with the barber this morning and was a perfect angel for his haircut. I can not express how wonderful it is to finally have someone to cut his hair with NO TEARS! We've been to so many different places, tried so many different things to distract him and no one but our current barber has had the magic touch. Plus he ends up looking like a handsome little dude!

Aidan went to the office to hang out with Daddy while Sean got his haircut, so we went over there afterwards to pick him up. Sean made his rounds, saying hello and giving Dolores a quick wave, then down to Unc Curt's office for another quick hello, before arriving in Daddy's office to shout "Dadda!" He played with the intercom on the phone a bit, then trotted off thru the building in search of fun. He went down to the old dining hall and pulled up a seat at the piano. He was delighted in his music abilities, which I must say were not as painful as some others I've heard on that piano!

With much effort, I got the boys back in the van to make a trip to the grocery store before heading home. Needed: cat food. Bought: cat food, box of fruit roll-ups, 6 pack of mini Sierra Mist. I decided to try to have the boys hold my hand and walk to the car, so I didn't have to push the cart back in. Sean saw this as an opportunity to bolt and headed down the sidewalk in the opposite direction as fast as he could. Sigh.

Once home, Sean was determined not to go inside, so I herded him to the backyard and pointed the jeep in the right direction for him. The boys played nicely in the backyard for a good 40 mins, filling up a basket and toy wheelbarrow with leaves.

Aidan had his mouth set on eating at Subway today, so we got back in the van to take Daddy to lunch at noon. Aidan has become an amazing eater lately, he is just hungry hungry hungry all the time. After lunch, Daddy headed back to work & I looked forward to a quiet afternoon at home. The boys played some, then Sean and I went to bed for nap time (yes, I actually dozed off for a few minutes!) I forced myself to get up, head downstairs and clean up the tornado of toys through the house. Aidan was a sweetheart and helped me collect the pack of cards Sean scattered through the rooms.

Won't be long before the little man is up again and I have to get dinner going. It's Chicken ala King tonight! A nice warm meal to settle us in for the night.

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Tom said...

Nothing seems to break our budget more quickly than the stop off at the grocery store to buy "one quick thing." :)