Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

Sundays at our house are usually the lazy day of the week. Since the kids can not sit still for church service and have been too clingy to go to church nursery, we haven't been regularly attending church in a couple of years. Instead we usually stay home, have a bigger breakfast, do lots of lounging around while I beg the guys to get dressed so we can do something. Meals are eaten later than usual, naps are taken later, too. I think Sunday is Doug's favorite day of the week.

Today we had my sister's boys with us, as they spent the night last night. We had made plans to meet my sister, her friend and my parents for breakfast at IHOP. Doug and I got all 4 boys dressed and loaded up in the car by 9:45. Not bad, we thought, but we figured everyone would still think we were moving too slow this morning.

Wouldn't you know, for the first time ever, we were the first ones to breakfast! Now, I am sure most people are thinking, what a boring post, who cares about them going to Sunday breakfast? Well, you are probably right, that is boring, but it is not often that I get everyone ready and out of the house to get somewhere early. I've got to take my opportunity to gloat when I can! Ha ha ha!

Anyway, we had a nice time, made a stop at Target so the boys could discuss Halloween costumes, then came home to pack up the nephews. The house is quiet now, well as quiet as it can be with a 5 yr old and a 3 yr old. We are enjoying the rest of our lazy Sunday. Aidan is watching a TMNT movie, I am hiding out in the basement rock room on Doug's computer, Doug is watching the Broncos get their butt kicked and Sean is taking a late nap.

Monday will be here soon enough, so it will be back into the busy mode. After the long weeks of preparing for the Buddy Walk, it is nice to have the down time today.

Hope others had a lovely lazy Sunday as well.

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